Royaloak Muar Malaysian Queen Size Bed With Hydraulic Storage in Melamine Finish

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  • 12 Months Warranty

Product features

    • Engineered Wood
    • Melamine Finish
    • Hydraulic Storage
    • Modern Design
    • Durable & Long Lasting
    • Malaysian Collection


This Double Bed comes with storage space. Royaloak Muar Malaysian queen size Bed with hydraulic storage in melamine finish makes this designer bed a great option for your master bedroom. This hydraulic storage has an easy to lift mechanism for more stockpiling without giving up floor space. This double bed is built using high-quality and durable materials, this bed is effortlessly versatile for your home. This double cot will be a great addition to your bedroom.
More Information
SKU BD20191002-5
Weight 161 Kg
Dimensions Length 86 X Width 63 X Height 39 -Inches
Warranty 12 Months
Assembly Details Installation provided by Royaloak
Package Details 1 Queen Size Bed
Time for Installation 45 Min
Material Engineered Wood
Size Queen Bed
Storage With Storage
Do you offer a warranty on your furniture product(s)?
All Royaloak furniture products are either made by the finest artisans using high quality raw materials or are manufactured by reliable brands in their state of art facilities. We offer brand warranty for most of our furniture products bought of Royaloak.

Can the furniture be customized?
While our Design Consultants in select cities will work with you to customize the room designs, we are unable to customize products.

What is the optimal way to measure an office desk?
Before making a purchase, it is recommended to take note of the width, depth, and height of the drawers. It is also important to test the smoothness of the drawer slides and measure the space underneath the desk.

What are the different types of crockery units?
You can choose from free-standing or wall-mounted crockery cabinets with traditional hinged doors or modern sliding doors. Wooden designs or wooden designs with glass accents are available.

What should I keep in mind when buying the ideal bedroom wardrobe?
To purchase the ideal bedroom wardrobe, consider factors such as the wardrobe's size, style, material and finish, and functionality.

What types of drawers are typically found in office desks?
Common types of drawers include side metal glides, wooden slides, and keyboard slides. Wooden slides are made entirely of wood, while side metal glides have a mechanism to prevent the drawer from sliding out all the way. Keyboard slides are designed speci

How can you arrange crockery in a cabinet in an appealing way?
To showcase your crockery collection in a cabinet, start by displaying the larger plates so that every piece can be seen clearly. Arrange the plates facing towards the front of the cabinet and prop the backs against the back of the structure.

What distinguishes a buffet from a sideboard?
Although the difference between a buffet and a sideboard is subtle, a sideboard has shorter legs than a buffet.

How is a sideboard used?
Usually placed in the dining area, a sideboard can store dinnerware and display your valuable crockery and collectibles.

What is the most effective way to maximize bedroom space with a wardrobe?
The best way to maximize bedroom space with a wardrobe is by opting for a sliding door design, as it takes up less space in the room and provides more free space.

Which materials are recommended for a bedroom wardrobe?
Plywood and engineered wood are the most economical and best materials to use for a bedroom wardrobe.

Is an almirah the same as a wardrobe?
An almirah is similar to a wardrobe in that it is a free-standing structure with shelves, hanging space, and drawers designed primarily to store clothes.

What are the different types of wardrobe designs?
You can find wardrobe designs with sliding doors, a range of materials, and even L-shaped options to make use of the corners of the room.

Does the bed come with a headboard?
The presence of a headboard depends on the specific product's specifications. Please check the bed image and specifications while viewing it online.

Are hydraulic storage beds recommended?
Yes, hydraulic storage beds are a great option for compact bedrooms. They provide ample storage space for items such as extra linen and woollens, and the hydraulic lifting mechanism makes it easy to access the storage without any dust accumulation.

What are double beds with hydraulic storage?
Double beds with hydraulic storage are beds with storage space underneath that can be lifted up using an internal fitting system. It's a clever design that allows for easy access to the storage space.

What are the advantages of hydraulic storage beds?
Hydraulic storage beds have several benefits, including providing an organized and clutter-free appearance to the room, effectively utilizing space, offering a hidden storage solution for a neater look, adding aesthetic value to the overall bedroom.

How can you choose a bedside table design based on storage needs?
If you want to store items that you use frequently and want easy access to, then choose a bedside table with open shelves. If you want to keep your belongings hidden and maintain a neat and clutter-free bedroom, then choose one with closed shelves.

What materials are available for bedside tables?
You can find bedside tables on our website in materials like engineered wood with a melamine finish and Sheesham wood.

Where is the best place to position a dressing table in the bedroom?
The placement of a dressing table depends on the size and layout of your room. If your room is small, a wall-mounted dressing table could be a good option. If you have a furniture set, a dressing table can look great next to matching wardrobes.

Which Material Is Best For A Shoe Rack
For a low-maintenance, long-lasting shoe rack, solid wood is the way to go. An alternative is engineered wood like MDF which is sturdy and has good water resistance. Particle boards are lightweight and easier on the pocket.

  • Direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time can cause fading and/or deterioration of fabric. When planning your room, arrange your furniture so that it is protected from sunlight. 
  • Clean your upholstery at least once a week with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner as accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull the colors. It is advisable to have your furniture cleaned regularly by professional upholstery cleaner as different fibers and fabric constructions require special treatment.
  • Strictly avoid using bleach when washing your upholstery.
  • Severe spills and stains should only be removed by professional upholstery cleaners.
  • Note: For hydraulic beds, lifting the mattress platform may take some initial effort, especially if you have a heavy mattress. However, as the platform rises, the hydraulics will take over and you will have to exert less energy.
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Very modern look

I purchased it recently and this Grey color gives it a very modern look and the quality seems to be great


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Bought after my friend recommened , worth it.


Experience is really good

Awesome build quality and product .I have been using this chair from past 25 days and experience is really good


Appealing design

Setup worked well. Installation was smooth. Appealing design, Lots of storage options and exquisite finish.


Very Comfortable

The seat of this chair is not hard. In this chair, we can sit comfortably for many hours and complete our works



Simply awesome!! Now I can enjoy my games the way it is supposed to be

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